Drug and Alcohol Testing

Why is it important?

As an essential part of the Safety Management Plan, most employers outline a legislative requirement to provide a safe workplace for their staff, visitor and the community.

Duty of care extends to addressing the abuse or misuse of drugs and alcohol in the workplace which contributes to:

  • accidents
  • impaired performance
  • lowered productivity
  • absenteeism
  • poor interpersonal relationships

How we improve it?

FUSS has 3 separate and important training courses:

  • Supervisor training
    • training course designed to provide managers and supervisors with the skills and knowledge to manage and enforce an organisations Drug and Alcohol policy in a safe and professional manner
  • Employee training
    • This course is designed as an Information Session to inform employees about the dangers of Drugs and Alcohol in the workplace and build a safety culture within your organisation.
  • Refresher training
    • Once a Drug and Alcohol management plan is in place and employees and supervisors have received training it is important to implement both refresher training annually and new recruit training.

How we achieve it?

A comprehensive review of your Alcohol and Other Drugs policy and procedure will be completed and if necessary assist you with any updates and implementation of new procedures.

If you don’t currently have policy, we can help with the implementation and employee consultation to ensure compliance in an efficient and cost effective manner.

All tests are completed by trained and accredited personnel in a confidential and professional manner.

Testing methods are done within Australian Standards:


Urine drug testing to AS/NZS 4308
● Breath Alcohol Testing to AS 3547
● Saliva drug testing to AS 4760

All Confirmation testing is conducted by a NATA Accredited Laboratory

Common tests include: