What to expect

The effects of a healthy workforce

Findings from workplace studies reviewed by Monash University suggest that companies that introduce workplace health programs enhance employee performance. Research has found: economic benefits of health and safety activities as they help curb absenteeism and enhance productivity and efficiency; employees that participate in workplace health programs report improvements in anxiety, stress and psychological well-being; and importantly, even employees who don’t utilise programs and benefits are still more likely to be loyal and satisfied with the organisation for being offered the program in the first place.

  1. Expert advice from our physiologists, who are not just experts in all the key areas of health, but dedicated change agents.
  2. Comprehensive data capture, analysis, monitoring and contact system available instantly online in the proprietary Unlocking Life back end. This provides great insight for individuals and exec summary feedback.
  3. Differing ways to engage the individuals in the workforce. From the 20yo who wants to get out and get healthy to the 55yo miner who at this point cannot be bothered with all of that “health stuff”!
  4. We then use one on one coaching as a method to learn about the individual’s needs and lifestyle. This allows professional input and expertise and creates an accountability platform moving forward for when, as we inevitably do as humans, suffer setbacks and failures that would normally stop us in our tracks and return us back to the same old ways. Your own coach
  5. Dynamic and relevant presentations from the use of high profile personalities, particularly during the launch process to get maximum uptake – through to presentations around the monthly themes and major initiatives. HB presentations are designed to be entertaining as to engage as many workers into the overall health program as possible.
  6. We provide ongoing monthly themes that focus on the issues we know are the main reasons for ill health and death of the majority of the know from our experience how to tug at the strings that can make even the most resistant individuals get involved at some level.
  7. We offer the expertise in major initiatives that will also engage people in areas that we know incur great cost to both the organisation Fatigue, Injury management, fat loss, stress, resilience and more. All ready moulded to fit your organisations and individuals needs and 8.
  8. We will provide a consistent and professional delivery of relevant information, coaching, and opportunities for people to get involved in the know will deliver an unprecedented level of engagement and change.