Health and fitness

Why it’s important?

health75% of Australian workers are overweight or obese

Of these, 39% are clinically obese and 36% overweight

Australian employees don’t exercise enough

14% of workers are completely inactive, 40% engage in only minimal exercise, and another 18% do less than one hour of physical activity per week. This is significantly less than the amount recommended by the Australian National Activity Guidelines, which recommends adults do at least 30 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity on most days

How we improve it?

Corporate Gym membership

FUSS has partnered with 24 hour gyms in Rockhampton, North Rockhampton and Gracemere to provide corporate gym memberships for Sibelco workers at a discounted price that can be accessed 24 hours a day to accommodate shift workers. Gym memberships are provided with an individualised program, created by FUSS’s accredited exercise physiologist to ensure your workers are safely improving their health. Programs are monitored and revised every 10 weeks to ensure compliance and continued progress.

Fire Up Boot-camp (outdoor) 1 per week, 6 month contract

FUSS’s fitness professional will tailor an outdoor fitness class designed to motivate, inspire and push people a little bit further than they’d normally push themselves in when training alone. This is a great activity to increase employee morale and teamwork

Exercise Physiology services for those with chronic health condition*

Workers who have a chronic health condition are referred to the nominated general practitioner.

*Eligible workers are then provided with up 5 free sessions with FUSS’s accredited exercise physiologist

Free Group classes for those with diabetes*

Workers who have diabetes are referred to the nominated medical officer.

*Eligible workers are then provided with 12 free group exercise classes with FUSS’s accredited exercise physiologist