Why it’s important?

nutitionAustralians Poor dietary habits

Almost half (44%) of the Australian workers surveyed live on high fat diets and 74% on high sugar and processed food diets. Only 8% eat five or more serves of fruit and vegetables per day – the amount recommended

How we improve it?

Workplace nutrition seminar (45 minutes)

No Fuss Healthy Eating seminar covers topics relevant for time-deprived workers such as healthy fast food alternatives, food preparation for workers, understanding food labelling, diets and disease, and nutrition for shift workers. Managing weight and energy levels is particularly difficult for shift workers. This group often faces challenges sourcing and preparing healthy food due to shift patterns and research shows that satiety hormones are often affected by working nights. This talk, based on latest research into shift workers and nutrition explains how to time meals around night work and what to include in your diet to balance hormones, energy and weight. Seminar concludes with a healthy bbq.

nutition 21-on-1 session with dietician for those with chronic health condition

For workers with a chronic health condition, specialist individualised advice is required to ensure that the employee receives information and advice that tailored to suit their chronic health condition.

Workers who have a chronic health condition are referred to the nominated medical officer.

Eligible workers are then provided with up to 5 sessions with FUSS’s accredited dietician.

Workplace fruit and vegetable delivery service

Research shows that only 48% of Australians over the age of 18 eat the recommended number of serves of fruit per day, and shockingly, only 8.5% eat the recommended number of serves of vegetables per day. FUSS works with local supplies to deliver fresh fruit and vegetables to your site for communal use, healthy canteen options, or available for personalized weekly orders for your workforce. Orders are taken on Monday and delivered Wednesday of the same week.