Post Injury Management

Why it’s important

Many employers underestimate the time required to manage a work related injury from start to finish, not to mention the possibility of common law claims adding stress and further time and financial burdens on the business. Typically, these duties are delegated to either payroll or the safety team, and generally becomes a lower priority when things get tough. One or the other is going to suffer and it usually seems that the rehabilitation will as it generally appears that the injury can manage itself with the care of the doctor and other allied professions.

Not so! An unattended injury can costs hundreds of thousands of dollars if not managed well, with the added burden of WorkCover premium impact being felt for several years after the event.

Having a dedicated, qualified and experienced RRTWC at your beck and call could have your workers back on the job much faster and with less impact to coworkers and the business.

FUSS is a full service provider, working to liaise with your injured worker, medical providers, occupational and physical rehabilitation professionals and your managers. Initial policy and procedure consultation, first response injury management, accompanying injured worker to doctor’s visits, organizing claims and liaising with WorkCover,  planning return to work and suitable duties plan are all part of the experience. Image how much time and money taking a vital team member from their usual job to do this.

How we improve it

Policy and procedure:

Although, for many companies, the statutory requirement to have Workplace rehabilitation policy and procedures in place is based on their work activity or preceding year wages, the benefits of establishing and implementing such procedures will save you time and money, should you have an injury that requires dedicated return to work plans.

FUSS will ensure that your policy and procedures for Post Injury Management are within the guidelines of the Workers Compensation and Rehabilitation Legislation. Providing you a a solid platform to educate workers, supervisors, line managers and senior management of their obligations.


Providing a short 30 minute seminar can not only provide your line managers with important information on how to respond to an injury, it will also ensure that your workers know their obligations when it comes to making a claim and their continued cooperation during the rehabilitation and return to work process.


FUSS will respond with immediate contact with the injured worker after advice from the site manager who will provide details of the how the injury occurred. First response program will include accompanying the worker to the doctor to ensure that accurate information is given and received relative to available suitable duties and the proposed time frame for return to full duties.


Making a claim with WorkCover can sometimes be a confusing and daunting process for the uninitiated. FUSS can ensure that proper protocols are followed, making it a quick and easy process that will ensure your workers and medical services are paid appropriately and company reimbursements are received promptly.

Return to Work:

Determine an individual injured worker’s needs by discussion with them, the nominated treating doctor or other allied professions along with their supervisor will enable a stress free and smooth return to work.

Identifying appropriate suitable duties and assist the injjued worker to return to work as soon as possible. Having a dedicated task list with job descriptions can assist with the process and ensure that the work has meaningful duties and is also benefiting the business.

Suitable duties:

FUSS will prepare a return to work plan and determine the appropriate suitable duties under the guidelines of the restrictions provided by the medical practitioner, in consultation with all parties.


Our RRTW Coordinator will be the focal point for all contact relating to the injured worker and coordinate and monitor progress in the treatment and positive rehabilitation of the worker.

Provision of documentation services to ensure confidentiality of case records and assistance should the statutory claim escalate into a common law case.