Pre Employment Assessment

Why it’s important?

peaEmployers have a legal obligation to address fitness for duty through the “duty of care” provision in the WHS legislation. These provisions require employers to take all reasonable or “practicable” steps to ensure the health and safety of workers and any other people who may be affected.

Additionally, ensuring that your workers are physically suited to the position for which you are hiring them will assist in lowering injuries and incidents in your place.

Alcohol and other drug in the workplace has been estimated to cost approximately $6 billion per year in lost productivity. Half of Australian workers drink at harmful levels, 13% use cannabis and 4% use amphetamines. One in 10 workers say they have experienced negative effects associated with a co-worker’s missuse of alcohol. These negative effects include reduced ability to do their normal job, being involved in an accident or close call or have had to work extra hours to cover for an employee who has taken at least one day off work.

How we improve it?

Utilizing one of our premium medical providers we can have your pre-employment medical assessment requirements which essentially are a part of the risk assessment process that will screen individuals for factors that may limit their ability to perform a job safely or effectively. We can work with you and the medical provider to ensure that a robust and effective assessment is implemented for your workplace or industry.

Pre-employment Functional Assessments (FEFA) are completed by our qualified Physical Therapist relative to the requirements of the tasks to be performed. A pre-mobilization assessment of your work environment, job tasks and physical requirements will be made prior to implementing this process.

Drug and alcohol screening is an important part of the pre-employment process to ensure that you are providing a safe working environment for your workers and the community. This service also extends to “for cause”, “blanket” or “random” testing for your regular workforce as well. Assistance with your Drug and Alcohol policy and procedures can also be provided along with workforce education.